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A Mercy For Animals undercover investigation takes you behind the closed doors of one of California’s largest egg factory farms, exposing the hidden cost of egg production - cruelty to animals.

Hidden camera video recorded in early 2008 at Gemperle Enterprises in Merced County, California, a supplier to NuCal Foods Inc. - the largest distributor of shell eggs in the Western US - reveals:

  • Rotting carcasses in cages with live hens still laying eggs for human consumption.
  • Birds suffering from untreated broken bones, open wounds, infections and prolapses.
  • Workers brutally killing sick hens by grabbing their heads and swinging their bodies around to break their necks, or through neck-twisting, often resulting in a prolonged, torturous death.
  • Workers roughly and forcefully handling birds, resulting in injuries, such as broken bones and blunt trauma.
  • Hens covered in excrement, confined five to seven per cage the size of a file drawer, unable to stretch their wings, move freely or exercise.
  • Crippled hens left to languish in cage aisles without access to food, water, or veterinary care.

The findings of MFA's new investigation are similar to those documented at numerous egg farms across the country in recent years – illustrating that animal neglect and abuse are the egg industry standard, not the exception.

Consumers hold enormous power in ending the exploitation of egg-laying hens. Every time we sit down to eat we can choose kindness over cruelty by adopting a vegan diet.

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